MBA teams up with Urban Tilth

On June 28th, the MBA Project presented our 5th annual daylong training with Urban Tilth, a community-based organization in West Contra Costa County. Urban Tilth teaches urban youth and members of local communities how to build sustainable, local and healthy food systems with various year-round apprenticeships or volunteer opportunities.

MBA Project helped to promote interdependence and interpersonal effectiveness among 50 youth participant and staff attendees. The training was facilitated by Program Director Micah Anderson and Instructor Kamal Ahmed, who were excited to connect with young people engaged in helping their communities. MBA instructors taught through a variety of methods including experiential meditation, didactic exercises on stress management and impulse control, as well as empathy building exercises. The training offered an opportunity for participants to learn about mindfulness: its uses and benefits, as well as how to recognize and appropriately respond to stress and trauma.

“I was impressed by the youth’s level of courage to share intimately with each other,” says Program Director Micah Anderson.

After a brief meditation session, facilitators and attendees engaged in games and activities to strengthen connections among team members and to illustrate the challenges and rewards of building empathetic skills with one another. Members were asked to take a risk, to share openly, and to communicate with each other in ways that may have been unfamiliar. Overall, MBA successfully helped foster connection between staff and youth with positive feedback.

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