Teaching Mindfulness & Emotional Literacy to At-Risk & Incarcerated Adolescents: Webinar – October, 2011

With Chris McKenna and Sam Himelstein
Oct. 3, 8:30pm ET (5:30 PT)
Cost: $25

Description: The vast majority of books and curriculum materials produced on teaching mindfulness to young people focus on younger, pre-adolescent populations. This workshop will give participants an overview of the core skills and qualities needed to make mindfulness and emotional awareness practices accessible to youth in a probation, foster care or at-risk school setting. Significant attention will also be paid to the role of the facilitator in the delivery of successful mindfulness interventions to this population. Our goal is to move beyond cooker-cutter curriculum and scripting and discuss real world approaches to making mindfulness practice relevant to at-risk youth using language and metaphors they connect with. Research support and theoretical underpinnings will be presented briefly, and time will be allotted towards the end for question and answers. This session is especially relevant to professionals working with adolescents dealing with severe delinquency and conduct disorder.

Learning Objectives:

1) Understand the core skills, attitudes and competencies required to deliver successful mindfulness interventions to contemporary, urban youth.

2) Understand the role of the facilitator in working successfully with high-risk youth in school, foster care, juvenile detention and community settings.

3) Become familiar with current efforts to implement mindfulness and emotional literacy interventions with various youth populations.

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Chris McKenna is the Executive Director of MBA Project and has spent over a decade working with diverse communities suffering from high incidents of trauma and violence, including with two Amnesty International-sponsored projects that provided legal, medical, and psychosocial services to victims of torture and war crimes from over 20 countries. Chris has a fifteen-year history with mindfulness meditation and has taught mindfulness practices to refugees with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder and other severe mental health conditions. He is on the Advisory Council of “Honoring the Path of the Warrior” – a project of the San Francisco Zen Center which teaches mindfulness and somatic awareness techniques to U.S. soldiers returning home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sam Himelstein, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of Engaging the Moment, LLC, a Bay Area agency providing individual, group, and family psychotherapy to high-risk and incarcerated adolescents. Sam is also the Research Director at MBA Project, where he completed his doctoral dissertation titled, “A Mixed Methods Study of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention with Incarcerated Youth.” He is also adjunct faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology where he teaches classes on research methodology, incorporating mindfulness into psychotherapy. Sam facilitates workshops, trainings, and consultations related to mindfulness, working with at-risk youth, and research in non-profit agencies, government agencies, and academic institutions.

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Mindfulness & Life Skills for At-Risk Youth

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