Although the MBA Project’s core mission is to provide services to youth directly, we also offer trainings to other providers so that mindfulness-based services can reach youth far beyond our capacity. Beginning in Fall 2017 we will offer on-line training to support those who are interested, but cannot travel to the Bay Area.

Public Trainings

Public trainings are open to the public and occur at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society in San Francisco. We offer a variety of daylong trainings revolving around the topic of delivering mindfulness-based interventions to at-risk youth. These trainings are useful to providers such as therapists, social workers, teachers, healers, and mentors. 

No public trainings are currently scheduled, although we encourage you to sign up for our mailing list to stay informed about upcoming trainings.

Cost: $175 for professionals, $135 for students

 Organizational Trainings

The MBA Project has over a decade of experience working closely with organizations, agencies and institutions to train their staff in delivering mindfulness-based interventions for at-risk youth. These trainings are not open to the public and typically occur at the organization’s site. We currently offer 3 organizational trainings:

  1. Using Mindfulness with At-Risk Youth, Mindfulness
  2. Mindfulness, Trauma, and At-Risk Youth
  3. Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Conflict Resolution Workshop

Cost: $2,000 for 30-40 people (sliding scale available)

To learn more about each training, visit our Organizational Trainings page. Please email Program Director Micah Anderson at for training related questions and inquiries.

 Training Feedback

Here’s what Doria Robinson, Executive Director at Urban Tilth, said about our organizational training: “We launched our Urban Agriculture Summer Apprentice Program for 40 at-risk Richmond teens 6 years ago. The first year, we expanded the program from a small pilot project to a cohort of 47 youth. They were at each other a lot and it was really challenging. After realizing that much of the conflict was caused by most of our youth having no outlet or tools to cope with chronic trauma, we brought in MBA Project the next year to do an emotional literacy and mindfulness training first for our staff and then our youth. The results were deeply moving. There was a true sense of empathy developed amongst our staff and youth. The cohort transformed into family with a new mission to be aware of our emotional states and use simple tools to channel emotions positively. In the end, everyone worked together so much better. We brought back the MBA again in 2012 with the same result. The following year we didn’t have our funding in place in time to book MBA and it was tough again. This year, 2014, I made sure we had the MBA back onboard. Their mindfulness and self-awareness training continues to help us create strong, positive and healing relationships between our staff and youth and the community.We are deeply grateful for their life-changing work.”

Here’s some feedback we received after a recent public training:

  • “I appreciate the depth of content that was covered in an intro to the topic.”
  • “This simple approach makes my job easier in dealing/interacting with youth.”
  • “I learned a lot and really enjoyed the practical applications and stories from your experiences and the games offered. Thanks!”
  • “Great stuff, useful/helpful for applying to oneself and for working with others. Thank you!”


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