MBA wins 2016 Top-Rated Award!

Mind Body Awareness Project Nonprofit Overview and Reviews on GreatNonprofitsThe MBA Project has earned a spot on the 2016 Top-Rated Awards List! Here’s what our community of supporters had to say:


  • “MBA is pioneering mindfulness-based mental health services for at-risk youth. They are a leading innovator in the field and well known in the Bay Area community. I fully support their work and dedication to the youth they serve.”
  • “MBA Project provides mindfulness, meditation, and social emotional learning to Bay Area youth that may need it most and typically wouldn’t have access to this type of curriculum. The Instructors are highly skilled and are able to connect with the youth in an authentic way, making the concept of mindfulness relevant and accessible to their lives. I have seen first hand the impact of the work on these youth and am consistently moved by the connections and transformations I have witnessed.”
  • “MBA provides an invaluable service to the students at my high school.  The group allows students to express themselves in a non-judgemental, safe, and supportive atmosphere.  The MBA curriculum also gives students a framework for reflecting on their choices and behaviors. Students have conveyed their appreciation of the time to reflect and that someone is really checking in with them.  In my view, the MBA program is a gift given to my students that aids them in their personal growth during a transitional time in their lives.”
  • “The MBA Project meets our youth with a warm heart and deep listening. For so many of today’s youth, there is no safe space where they can share their fear, pain and joy. MBA allows the youth to feel seen and heard in ways that are healing and restorative. In my experience with the curriculum, mindfulness is presented in a manner that is comfortable and relatable. MBA is a wonderful agency that has a lot to offer.”
  • “MBA is a beacon of light in the Bay Area non-profit community. With an approach rooted in mindfulness, they facilitate the transformation and healing of at-risk youth within the criminal justice system.  It’s an incredible organization to work for with wise, compassionate and committed individuals who bring a wide array of skills and approaches that serve this largely ignored population. May the light of this organization continue to thrive and shine!”
  • “I have had many friends over the years work for this non-profit, and they have all spoken highly of the work that they do with incarcerated youth in the Bay Area. In my opinion, this is essential work in order to rehabilitate offenders rather than simply incarcerate and punish them.”
  • “MBA Project is an incredible organization that brings mindfulness-based rehabilitation services to teens in Oakland who really need it. Their instructors bring years of experience and connect well with the youth. I’m continuously amazed by the impact this organization has on those who take part.”
  • “I have just recently started volunteering with MBA and it has not only inspired me to do more but has given me hope. Sitting in a group with incarcerated youth watching them self regulate feelings / thoughts and listening to them talk about how mindfulness has helped them be less reactive to situations in the hall has been awe-inspiring.”
  • “I’ve done a little bit of volunteering with MBA Project and am so inspired by the work these guys are doing. It’s incredible to see how some of these young participants have been transformed by the mentoring and mindfulness practice, whether or not they continue to meditate after the program ends. These are tools I know they will take with them for life.”
  • “MBA works with a group that really needs support, at-risk teens. MBA gives them the tools they need to turn their lives around and it’s quite amazing. Just listen to the stories on their website from former students who have made big changes. It is so heartwarming and it’s wonderful that they are doing such important work.”


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