Direct Services

Our direct services are categorized into 3 departments: 1) Probation services, 2) School-based services, and 3) Community-based services.
Please contact us if you are interested in MBA delivering our services to your school or organization.

Probation Services

MBA was originally created to provide mindfulness-based services to incarcerated youth, and we are still dedicated to that mission. We provide mindfulness-based groups and one-on-one sessions through our 10-module mindfulness-based curriculum developed specifically for high-risk youth.

We currently provide probation services in both Alameda and San Mateo Counties in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

School-Based Services


We offer MBA Project groups to students at Hayward Community School in Alameda County in collaboration with Moving Forward Education. Twice a week at Hayward Community School, instructors lead a girls’ group focusing on the MBA Project curriculum. Students are introduced to the concept of mindfulness, and what it means to develop a stance of awareness and acceptance, many for the first time.

Community-Based Services

Similar to our expansion of providing school-based services, MBA is continually attempting to grow its presence in the communities where our high-risk youth reside. We believe by developing programs in such communities we will be able to provide a continuity of service and attempt to break the vicious cycle of recidivism.

Our community-based services include partnerships with trusted and respected community-based organizations.

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Mindfulness & Life Skills for At-Risk Youth

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