Jennie Powe Runde on “Consciously Speaking”

new Jennie headshotIn her interview with Michael Neeley from Consciously Speaking podcast, Clinical Program Director Jennie Powe Runde discussed the MBA Project’s trauma-informed approach, future program goals, and the value of simply taking a deep breath.

When asked about the most rewarding part of her work, Jennie replied: “The beauty of this work, part of the reason I love it, is that we are encountering people at the most vulnerable place in their lives. They’re coming to us with problems because things aren’t going well, things aren’t going right. Because of that, we get to see them at their most authentic. There’s a real connection that can happen when people let go of all the masks and all the layers that they have to wear in order to survive in their neighborhood or their family. There are some true, genuine, heartfelt connections and insights that happen and I’ve witnessed them in juvenile hall and in the groups.”

Listen to the full podcast here.


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