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In this 6-week online training, participants will receive a general overview of mindfulness facilitation with at-risk youth. Topics include: an intro to the basics of mindfulness (including benefits and potential risks with this particular population), how to establish a safe container in order to best facilitate openness and engagement, and how to work with resistance if it arises in the group. Through a combination of both didactic and experiential exercises, participants will come away with concrete tools to help facilitate mindfulness based interventions when working one-to-one or in a group. You can sign up here.


—Learn foundational principles for establishing a mindfulness program with youth

—Learn concrete tools and techniques to introduce mindful self-awareness and emotional literacy to youth

—Understand specific ways to structure a group to help increase authenticity and reduce resistance

—Gain confidence when introducing embodied self-awareness to at-risk youth

Who would benefit:

—Teachers, school administrators, and youth workers

—Therapists, counselors, and clinicians

—Juvenile justice workers

Course Features:

  • Access from any PC, Mac or mobile
  • Lifetime access to training materials; study at your own pace
  • 1-hour course per week, with additional readings and practices
  • A prerequisite for our Trauma and Mindfulness online course

Tuition: $200 per person

Get all the details and sign up here.

Time: Watch a recording of the webinar at any time that works for you!

Length: 60-75 minutes per webinar

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Why MBA Project?

For the last eighteen years, the Mind Body Awareness Project (MBA) has delivered mindfulness-based rehabilitation programming to over 7,000 unique at-risk, incarcerated youth in the California Bay Area. MBA’s curriculum provides the most at-risk youth in the most difficult environments – probation detention facilities and youth detention camps – with concrete tools to reduce stress, impulsivity and violent behavior and increase self-esteem, self-regulation and overall well-being.

Drawing on the practices of a variety of contemplative traditions, as well as the Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction protocol developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn (an MBA Project advisor) and the Emotional Intelligence work of Dr. Daniel Goleman (an MBA Project advisor), MBA’s curriculum is a proprietary synthesis of best practices in meditation, group-process modalities, peer counseling, and social and emotional learning models. They impart the tools and competencies necessary to overcome trauma, transform negative behaviors, and make positive life changes.

Our instructor team brings decades of experience in meditative and contemplative practices, youth and social justice work, and cutting-edge research and modalities.



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