Two-Day Intensive

What: Practicing & Integrating Mindfulness – A Two-Day Intensive Workshop

When: Two sessions: May 5, May 12. 9am – 5pm each day

Where: Integrative Life Center, 1104 16th Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37212, Phone: 615 891-2226,

Workshop Cost: $225. CEUs are available

Description Over the past three decades, mindfulness-based interventions have spread rapidly through the fields of medicine, mental health and education as a way to reduce toxic stress and impulsivity and increase emotion regulation, executive function, empathy and overall well-being. Mindfulness is fundamentally a science of attention training. It is the practice of bringing attention to the present moment – to the direct experience of what is happening ‘right now’ – in a particular way, on purpose, and without judgment. Sustained practice cultivates the ability to “drop beneath” compulsive thinking and emotional reactivity into a more direct experience of feeling and sensation. The fruition of practice is a sense of being less “scattered”, less caught up in ‘doing’ and in ‘fixing’, and less likely to get locked into fixed afflictive patterns.

Learning Objectives
In this 2 day workshop individuals will be introduced to the following concepts, ideas and practices.


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