Noah Levine and a group of his close friends founded the Mind Body Awareness Project in June 2000. Like many self-destructive kids, Noah tried to cope with life’s challenges with alcohol and drugs, but still felt empty. While locked up in the Santa Cruz County Juvenile Hall, Noah searched  for positive ways to channel his anger and rebellion, and began to practice mindfulness-based meditation.

Meditation transformed  Noah, and after practicing it for over five years, he wanted to equip other at-risk youth with the same tool that helped him. Noah, along with Isaiah Seret, Scott Diamond, Catherine Diamond, and Jonathan Raymond, founded MBA Project with this mission. Today, Noah is a well-known meditation teacher who leads retreats nationally, as well as leading groups in juvenile halls and prisons.

In 2006, MBA merged with its sister non-profit, Youth Horizons, founded by Andrew Getz and Soren Gordhammer. The following year, MBA merged with another nonprofit that served at risk youth, Vision Youthz, founded by Dr. Kyra Bobinet. MBA is the result of the merger of these three organizations, with a combined 23 years of experience serving at-risk youth through inner awareness practices.

In January 2016, MBA formally affiliated with another organization founded by Noah Levine, Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society (ATS). This partnership will bring a deepened stability and focus for both organizations; for ATS by a more direct involvement in social justice issues and MBA who will now have stronger organizational support.

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Mindfulness & Life Skills for At-Risk Youth

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