The Mind Body Awareness Project’s programs are cost effective. Over 77% of every dollar we bring in goes to programs.

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MBA Project’s Historical Financials
The MBA Project is happy to provide copies of our Form 990, the tax returns that we file with the IRS. Click on the links below.

Read more about us on Guidestar and Great Nonprofits.

Shouldn’t organizations minimize the amount they spend on overhead?

The MBA Project is a small organization, but we’re working on building systems and capacity to grow and serve more youth and serve them better. In order to do that, we need to invest in infrastructure, systems, research and more. The MBA Project specifically targets spending between 15-25% of our total expenses on systems and capacity building measures, so that we can build a sustainable organization and be more effective over time. As a small organization it is also a challenge difficult for us to achieve the very low overhead ratios that many large organizations are able to achieve simply because they have the advantages of scale. This is in line with the concepts put forth by the Better Business Bureau, Guidestar and Charity Navigator who who put together The Overhead Myth project.

Most importantly, we’re focused on delivering quality programs. Want to read and watch testimonials from people who’ve experienced MBA Project programs first hand? Check out our youth testimonials page.

How does MBA calculate our overhead ratio?
The MBA Project calculates that Overhead Ratio (also called Program Ratio) in the same way as the IRS and many charity rating organizations such as Guidestar, The Foundation Center, Charity Navigator. Looking at our 990 tax returns, we add “Management & General Expenses” (Part IX, Line 25, Column C) and “Fundraising Expenses” (Part IX, Line 25, Column D), then divide by “Total Expenses” (Part I, Line 18).

We consistently spend less than 25% of our revenues on overhead.


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